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What’s new since the last update? Well, my dear community, our aggressive short proposal has been stopped at the nearest pips on Binance.

The daily technical situation remains negative but we can see signs of bullish curves on the WaveTrend. On the 4h horizon, the technical indicators are positive.

If we look at the shape of the candlesticks, yesterday’s session ended in the form of a hammer, which is traditionally a bullish figure.

? What can we do about it?

The technical situation on the 1h horizon is rather bearish but on the bigger TFs we have encouraging signs of a continuation of the bullish rebound. This is why we will keep our previous short around the 9800 – 9900 range.

Entry zone: 9800 – 9900 Stop: 10050 Q1: 9670 Q2: 9485 Q3: 9236

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