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What’s new since the last update? BTC dropped below 9300 at the end of the previous session but still has not closed below this zone on the daily horizon.

Indeed, Bitcoin hit a low point yesterday at 9236 before rebounding and is currently trading around 9450, so we still don’t have any bearish confirmation that would allow us to look for more aggressive short points.

The daily technical situation remains negative, but the 4-hour indicators have given a buy signal, which reinforces the idea of a possible rebound.

? What can I do?

As we have been saying for a few days now, we need a break from the 9200 – 9300 in order to be able to take more aggressive short positions, around the 9500 – 9600. This is not yet the case, the support zone having resisted, there is a strong chance that the 9800 zone will be reached.

Our offer of shorts at 9800 is still valid dear community!

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