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Brave partners with NYIAX, the first futures trading marketplace for digital ad contracts

Brave, Basic Attention Token, NYIAX

Connecting users & advertisers utilizing blockchain & privacy. With CCPA enforcement into effect, advertisers can reserve inventory without tracking.

San Francisco, CA and New York, NY – July 9, 2020 Brave Software, makers of the innovative Brave browser which combines privacy with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, and NYIAX, the world’s first and most active upfronts marketplace and advanced contract management exchange by volume and users, today announced a first-of-its kind partnership that will enable advertisers to connect with consumers in a way that prioritizes personal choice and respects new privacy legislation.

Under the terms of the partnership, ad contract traders in NYIAX’s upfront marketplace are now able to reserve or buy future inventory options that guarantee their brand advertisements reach only Brave users who have opted in to see the promotions and receive rewards via Brave’s Basic Attention Token system.

Making Brave’s inventory available on NYIAX’s platform provides Brave with incremental revenue opportunities and the ability to strike guaranteed upfront deals with NYIAX’s buyer partners, as well as a year-round lead as they compete for the best brand partnerships. What’s unique about Brave’s model is consumers are rewarded for their attention, providing consumers the ability to prioritize preferences and opt into privacy-respecting ads based on their own personal interest.

BTC Surf expands its exclusive offer for its community

If you have been in the world of cryptocurrencies for a long time, you should have experienced the evolution of the business models. In the initial phase, there were many business models linked to advertising.

The already known “faucets”, and the PTCs (Paid To Click) were a viable way of acquiring small portions of cryptocurrencies to go deep into this world. Then multiple problems arrived and only the best projects have survived.

And today we introduce you one of those projects that have adapted and improved over time to continue having a place in the saturated world of internet advertising: BTC Surf.

What is BTC Surf?

BTC Surf is a community, developed by the professionals of the Spanish Blockchain Association.  Anyone can register for free and enjoy various benefits (depending on the type of membership).

Depending on the activity in the community you can earn Bitcoins, you can earn traffic for your web portal or meet new portals and investment opportunities.

Advertise forever

Members can advertise with a single payment and enjoy the service for a lifetime. In this way, the advertiser will be able to receive traffic from real users throughout his life and thus increase his yields.

Those users who do not wish to advertise can also earn while they see ads from the partners that are advertised, and also know quality alternatives that are being promoted by the other members of the community.

Other sources of benefits: The Affiliate System

Apart from the normal activity of the community, it can also be earned by recommending the platform to other users, with which we will subsequently earn a percentage of the profits that are generated later thanks to that user.  The BTC surf affiliate network is up to 11 levels deep (for the highest memberships).

Clarity with financials

The distribution of money generated by the community is a clear system designed with transparency to guarantee confidence in the system.

The distribution is as follows:

• 50% – Membership plan distributed in 11 levels.

• 20% – External Surfing Promotion for all advertisers, generating visits from other traffic sources.

• 10% – Weekly Bonus.

• 10% – Random bonus per activity.

• 10% – Management and maintenance of BTCSURF systems

The newest: The pool

The latest and most innovative service that BTC Surf partners offer us is the “pool”.  When we talk about pool we do not mention what we all know as a mining pool.  A pool, in general, is a group of people (or companies) that come together to offer a service or take advantage of a business opportunity.

In this case, the Pool offered by BTC Surf is intended to exploit the affiliate network market.  With the contributions of the members of the community, the affiliate networks of top quality portals within the Bitcoin universe and cryptocurrencies are exploited.

Next, let us show the chart of profitability of the pool.

As can be seen in the above graph, profitability ranges between 0.20% and 1% of daily gain.  Which is a fairly profitable investment if we consider the tremendous competition in the internet advertising market.

In addition, the pool evolves as the community decides since they will make investments in the portals that the members themselves decide: a tool for the community!


BTC Surf is a mature, profitable community that continues to innovate to offer profitable services for its community, as evidenced by the recent launch of its commission POOL.

Official Links

Beer Money continues to meet the objectives of its roadmap and now launches an IEO in Latoken. What is BeerMoney?

Beer Money is the union of blockchain technology and the passion for cryptocurrencies, with the world of beer and the passion for craft beer.  Undoubtedly a safe bet, since craft beer is one of the most demanded beverages in a large number of countries and an expanding market in both total liters and totals billed worldwide.

Beer Money is a complete ecosystem, which orbits the concept of craft beers.  Next we will break down everything that can be done with them.

The beer token

The main element that unites the digital ecosystem is the appearance of Beer Token.  A token native to the NEM network, one of the safest blockchains in the entire cryptocurrency landscape.

The characteristics of the token are:

 • Blockchain: NEM

 • Number of tokens (mosaics): 400,000,000 tokens, which will reduce their number with progressive destruction until reaching the final figure of 80,000,000 tokens.

 • Value: 0.05 USD per token.

 • Support for this value: craft beer.

More than a token…

As we said before, Beer Money is much more than a simple token.  In the first place, it is the digital representation of a physical good.  With what we can do things like send a craft beer to a friend, only by sending a token to that person.

When we say that there is a physical support, we talk about how the price of the token evolves, because it will always be possible to exchange it for beer in Beer Money Pubs (Beer Money Pubs are associated establishments that accept beer tokens as a means of payment or that have  of craft beers to exchange for tokens).

In addition, beer token is a loyalty tool, since owning Beer Money means that you have the right to enjoy discounts and exclusive promotions in the associated establishments.

On the other hand, the creators of the ecosystem benefit from the exit of the token because they raise funds to expand their business by building their own factory to make their own craft beers.

There is more…

With the own developer team and part of the funds raised in the seed and ICO phase, Beer Money has been able to develop its own wallet, with which to send mainly beer money, but which will also grow to admit more means of payment for the  beer.

IEO in Latoken

Currently you can purchase tokens in the IEO (initial acronym for Initial Exchange Offer: initial sale offer through the exchange) of the prestigious LATOKEN exchange

The price at which these tokens can be purchased is currently less than USD 0.05 guaranteed value backed by beer, so the investment can be considered safe.

The opening period of the IEO in Latoken is limited.  The token purchase will be available from September 15 to October 16.  It is planned to go public in that market some time later.


If you are looking for a relatively safe investment, or if you are simply a craft beer lover … Here you will find many options and possibilities.

Official Links

Web: https://beer-money.io/

IEO in LATOKEN: https://latoken.com/ico/ETH-BEER

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeerMoneyOficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeerMoneyICO

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BeerMoneyOficial/

Telegram: https://t.me/BeerMoneyICO

CryptoMarketAds announces updates and listing on a major exchange.

CryptoMarketAds, crypto ads and marketing marketplace is continuing to expand its reach in the cryptocurrency market by listing on Idax.pro and opening marketplace for advertisers in August 2019.

Riga, Latvia, August 8, 2019 — CryptoMarketAds cryptocurrency, CMA token, is going to be listed on IDAX.pro exchange.

The specific time is shown below:

Trading Start Time       : 17:00, August 12, 2019 (UTC+8)

Withdrawal Start Time : 13:00, August 14, 2019 (UTC+8)

CryptoMarketAds.com is a new marketplace which solves all crypto advertising and marketing problems by connecting crypto market publishers and advertisers in one place (marketplace is working already and got over 600 offers for sale).

Advertisers with any budget will have the opportunity to buy marketing services for the lowest prices on the market directly from publishers avoiding middle-men.

Things good to know about CryptoMarketAds:

$CMA token is the only payment option in the marketplace: https://www.cryptomarketads.com/marketplace

Marketplace publishers will lock-up up to 5 million tokens to get 50% discount on Fees. (1000 Publishers = 5 Billion tokens locked, huge scarcity)

Also, publishers will have to lock-up 5000 CMA to publish their crypto ad and marketing offers for sale. Meaning existing publishers to continue offering their services will have to lock-up CMA tokens very soon.

Partnership with development and marketing company:

ASAP Heroes provides full startup help in fields such as development and marketing. Also, outsourcing of internet marketing services for the monthly subscription.

More here: Asapheroes.com

CMA website: https://www.cryptomarketads.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.cryptomarketads.com/CMA_whitepaper.pdf




YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuxX-rPnrI4j2KqybFk_-jQ

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryptomarketads/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cryptomarketads/

Medium: https://medium.com/@info_85454

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@cryptomarketads

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/CryptoMarketAds

Tip Twitter Users with Cryptocurrency using Brave Browser

Using the open source Brave Browser now you can tip your favorite Twitter users with cryptocurrency.

Brave add new feature for users, now they can send digital tokens as a tip to twitter users.

It includes “experimental features” and is build is the latest beta version of the Brave Browser. The browser might not be stable and it could contain bugs that result in data loss.

Visiting Twitter in the Brave browser, will appear a tip icon alongside the usual comment, like, and retweet features. This allows users of the Brave Browser to send BAT token to the content creator.

Brave Browser created its tip function last year using tip banners to let users donate to their favorite creators. However, that wasn’t exactly what was happening.

brave bat

A British YouTuber, took issue with the concept when his image was used alongside a welcome message encouraging viewers to send BAT tips despite having never even heard of Brave. As it turned out, Brave was collecting tips on behalf of creators that had nothing to do with the platform.

It seems Brave has modified the process since then.

If an unverified twitter user is tipped with BAT, the tip will be held in the tipper’s browser for 90 days until the creator sets up and verifies a Brave account.

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Facebook Registers New Cryptocurrency Firm in Switzerland

Facebook, the biggest Social media  has registered a new fintech firm called Libra Networks LLC, according to a filing on the Switzerland Commercial Register.

On May 2 by Facebook Global Holdings II LLC formed in Geneva Libra Networks LLC.In the official filing the firm provides:

“…services in the fields of finance and technology, as well as the development and production of software and related infrastructure, in particular in connection with investment activities, the operation of payments, financing, identity management, data analysis, big data, blockchain and other technologies.”

The trademark “Libra” was  registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office back in June, which was referred as part of its secretive crypto project. Facebook has also hired two cryptocurrency experts who earlier worked at the largest crypto-exchange Coinbase, as reported in May.

Facebook could release a native stablecoin in the Q3 of 2019, was referred by anonymous sources.

At the last cryptocurrency conference Consensus 2019, the CEO of Polychain Capital Olaf Carlson-Wee said that he thinks the facebook stablecoin should be built on a public and open source infrastructure. Carlson-Wee thinks said that it would be in the interest of the facebook company given recent disputes about the social media platform:

“I think given all the problems that Facebook has had with policing their platform and things like that, I think that the strategic move for Facebook would actually be to build public infrastructure. And that public infrastructure could be incorporated onto all the Facebook platforms, which of course are proprietary. But that public infrastructure, if they don’t try to own it, I think that’s where they will have the most success.”

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Coinerium CONM token combines fast payments and resistance to volatility

estudios amazonia changes the game in the film industry

#TheFaustFlick & the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract

#TheFaustFlick, a comedy film, joins the Ethereum blockchain through a Security Token Offering. An audacious move by estudios amazonia; their White Paper is a sound business plan backed by an impresive and an in depth market research which latent opportunity is impeccably outlined as follows: 8.3 million hispanics frequent moviegoers in the U.S. (go to movies once a month or more) who yearn to see good stories they can relate to and familiar faces playing roles they can identify with, spent as much as $2.3 billions at the U.S. box office alone, year after year.

This comedy film is to be produced in Argentina and Venezuela and initially distributed in the U.S. in two different language versions; the first one with 80% of the dialog in spanish and the remaining in english; and the second one with 100% of the dialog in english. In both cases english will be enunciated, not dubbed. All this via the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract which will grant TheFaustFlick (TFF) and FilmBusinessBuster (FBB) Token holders:

  • Access to the screenplay, celebrity letters of intent and all the project financial records..
  • Voting rights on five (05) critical financing gates enabling the successive filmmaking process and/or film business cycle stages.
  • Receive in perpetuity the net profits from #TheFaustFlick´s multiple revenue sources as well as all other future film projects.
  • Allow highly talented but industry-excluded screenwriters to submit screenplays for estudios amazonia to review, select, executive-produce and co-produce according to a predefined criteria, including story quality, film budget and their target market-audience opportunity, among other elements later to be published.

The code for the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract will be open and available for anyone to review at github.com/estudios-amazonia/FilmBusinessBuster.


The rise of new technologies and the growth of independent financing.

In the last ten years the number of electronic devices per household has grown ostensibly, as a result, most people are nowadays more interconnected than ever. Within this digital reality, electronic financing has grown significantly over the last four years. Independent film producers could adapt and transform themselves by leveraging this financial revolution by joining blockchain networks.

It is evident that estudios amazonia has taken a quantum leap into this digital space with #TheFaustFlick and the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract. The Orange Economy, or cultural and creative industries, such as the Independent filmmaking, can appropriately empowering their stakeholders through an open, verifiable and auditable Smart Contract, enabling and increasing Win-Win business relationships. 

It is not a surprise therefore, that highly effective professional teams with visionary and feasible projects have recently issued with tremendous success Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) or Security Token Offerings (STO).

Smart Contracts modernize and automate the independent filmmaking and film business process through transparency and engagement with its stakeholders.

The filmmaking and film business process goes through at least sixteen (16) fully identified and auditable stages. The Film Business Buster™  Smart Contract, conceived and developed estudios amazonia, will provide a platform to Tokenize future films, thus becoming the first film producer in leveraging blockchain networks to optimize an existing and highly lucrative business model. #TheFaustFlick opens the gate for film production and distribution, thus strengthening the digital ecosystem with tested and proven sound value propositions.

The initial values of the TFF Token and the FBB Token adopt Ether as the unit of account.

It is a common method among ICO/IEO/STO in the crypto space and estudios amazonia understands how this financial ecosystem works. By setting the initial price in Ethereum (ETH), a step is taken towards the adoption of technologies and their properties. During the Presale and the STO the value of each TFF Token and FBB Token is set at 0.01 ETH, before the applicable discounts, with a minimum contribution of 1 ETH during the Presale and 0.15 ETH during the STO.

During Presale (April 2019) there will be 500.000 TFF Tokens available with a 50% discount. During the STO (May, June and July 2019) there will be 2.000.000 TFF Tokens with an initial 25% discount, down to a 10% discount at the end of this period.

#TheFaustFlick will be the first film project managed within the Film Business Buster ™ Smart Contract. TFF Token maximun supply will be 10.000.000 divisible units; respectively, FBB Token maximun supply will be 1.000.000 divisible units.

TFF Token holders will receive in perpetuity their share from the 90% of net profits from #TheFaustFlick multiple revenue sources. Additionally, FBB Token holders will receive in perpetuity their share of 10% of the net benefits of this film and of all New Film Projects that will be reviewed, selected, produced and/or co-produced by estudios amazonia.

A 2-minute film teaser of #TheFaustFlick, produced with a stringent budget but with the passion of more than 30 people, is available at thefaustflick.com/#Prototype. It is estimated that during the 90-minute film production at least 300 professionals will get involved.

estudios amazonia chose the Ethereum Network for their Smart Contract platform. The following contract addresses are available on their respective websites.

TFF Token Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x349c9A0AFbe8C8e08a6bD8A2E925f9EC5aE7d2C9

FBB Token Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x29fb4CEe43155bAAB885897f0e96B1F0572a1E86

#TheFaustFlick & the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract Legal Framework

Both projects are regulated by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela´s National Superintendence of Crypto-Assets and Related Activities, or SUNACRIP (acronym in spanish), ascribed to the People’s Power Ministry for Industries and National Production, and it is in full compliance with the Crypto-Assets Integral Systems (CIS) Law, issued by the Constituent National Assembly on November 20th, 2018. All interested parties in TheFaustFlick Token and the FilmBusinessBuster Token must download, read and understand #TheFaustFlick and the Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract WHITE PAPER, both available at TheFaustFlick.com, FilmBusinessBuster.com and estudios-amazonia.com.

Contact Information and relevant links

email – [email protected]&[email protected]
Company Website – https://estudios-amazonia.com
#TheFaustFlick web – http://TheFaustFlick.com/

#TheFaustFlick White Paper – https://estudios-amazonia.com/TheFaustFlick_WP.pdf

Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract web – http://FilmBusinessBuster.com/

Film Business Buster™ Smart Contract White Paper- https://estudios-amazonia.com/FilmBusinessBuster_WP.pdf

Nuvo is Building a Blockchain-Based Decentralized Communications Ecosystem for Africa and Beyond

It comes as a surprise to most people that the network we know as the “world-wide web” is in many ways not world-wide at all. For instance, platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram have long been banned in the People’s Republic of China1 – which was followed by a ban of WhatsApp in 20172. Another example is general access to the Internet in Eritrea, where less than 1.18% of the population of over 4.4 million people uses the Internet3. More shockingly, a 2016 study by Cambridge University revealed that more than sixty countries engage in some form of state-sponsored censorship of the Internet4. With several forms of social advances relying on unencumbered access to the Internet, many parts of the world are being left in the dark if they cannot access news or information and communicate with their peers in the same way that most others can.

The applications and communities will be governed by the voting power of individual users
UK-based Nuvo Cash Ltd. (known as “Nuvo Cash”) has developed the Nuvo blockchain network to address Internet censorship and usage problems that have economical, social, and political implications. The Nuvo blockchain network is a foundation or “base layer” on which decentralized applications and social media communities can easily be built. These applications and communities will be governed by the voting power of individual users, without being subject to any central authority that can control what is or is not done. Where traditional social media networks effectively function as dictatorships, applications and communities on the Nuvo blockchain function as democracies, introducing freedoms that in many regions would otherwise be impossible.

The best way to think of the Nuvo blockchain network is as its own iteration of the Internet, which allows applications to be built and communities to be formed (just like websites on the regular Internet), with a focus on user freedom, and an underlying protocol that performs two key complementing functions…

(i) Censorship Resistance News feeds on social media communities built on the Nuvo blockchain network are ranked based on votes from users. That is, if your peers in a community believe an article or posting is interesting and relevant, their upvotes will ensure such content has a high ranking. Conversely, if your peers feel negatively about a posting, their downvotes will similarly ensure that poor content is displaced in favour of better content. We would all like to think that this is exactly how traditional social media networks rank news feeds, but it came out years ago that this was not the case, and there were very calculated biases which tainted the integrity of news feeds5.

(ii) Incentive Economics As you can see, user participation is the backbone of the blockchain mechanism that maintains the quality of news feeds on Nuvo-based social media communities. That is, without users actively posting good content, there is nothing for other users to see and enjoy. Similarly, without users voting on content to determine if it is good or bad, there is insufficient data to determine what should be ranked high or low on the news feed. For this reason, the Nuvo blockchain is programmed to pay users with NUVO token (the network’s proprietary cryptocurrency) in exchange for all forms of engagement. In short form, it’s exactly what it sounds like… users get paid just for using social media like they normally would, because the input provided by their actions provides a material benefit to each community.

Most likely, this has you wondering what it is that gives NUVO tokens value. In short, NUVO tokens equate to influence on the Nuvo blockchain network. That is, the more NUVO you hold, the more sway you have on the NUVO ecosystem. This influence can be used on Nuvo-based social media communities (i.e. more impactful votes, higher visibility of postings), as well as on governance matters relating to the Nuvo blockchain network itself. As we all know, power and money go hand in hand, which is the simplest way to think of the NUVO token’s value proposition. In the NUVO whitepaper, there is a section which gives greater detail on why NUVO tokens have value: https://jamaa.com/docs/whitepaper

Jamaa a fully-functioning community on the Nuvo Blockchain Network
Currently, there is one fully-functioning community on the Nuvo blockchain network called Jamaa. Jamaa (which means “friend” in Swahili) is built for users in Africa, a region in which Internet censorship is a major issue. For example, social media websites have been known to suddenly become unavailable in parts of Africa during election times6. Weaknesses in news feed algorithms resulting from networks’ ignorance to the needs of African users have also been weaponized by malicious parties to achieve political influence7. Like all Nuvo-based communities, Jamaa gives users the opportunity to earn and use NUVO tokens.

In less than six months of operation, Jamaa has amassed a base of more than 15,000 users, even attracting users internationally from Russia, Canada, and Indonesia. Yesterday, Jamaa gained an iconic user named Kyle Kemper (https://jamaa.com/profile/kemper). Kemper is a famed visionary of blockchain technology, and he is the step-brother of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Nuvo Cash will be launching its second social community GameKarma (for video gamers) in May 2019, with additional plans to launch communities for India, Southeast Asia, and the Philippines.

Nuvo Cash announced that it would be launching Nuvo Chat
Additionally, Nuvo Cash announced that it would be launching Nuvo Chat, a decentralized messaging and VoIP communications platform based on the Nuvo blockchain network. Nuvo Chat will enable users to benefit from the same protections as Nuvo-based social media communities (i.e. immunity to censorship). Nuvo Chat is part of Nuvo Cash’s overall vision to offer users a truly decentralized and democratic way of interacting, whether through social media postings, messages, group discussions, or voice/video calls.

To provide early participants in the Nuvo blockchain network an opportunity to obtain a stake in the initial supply of NUVO tokens, an initial exchange offering for NUVO launched on ProBit on Friday April 12, 2019. As of this writing, six cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment for NUVO tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Steem, Ripple, and ProBit’s proprietary token PROB), and purchase bonuses as high as 10% can be had on ProBit.

Nuvo has already received media coverage in relation to the NUVO token sale. Just before the sale commenced, the Korean branch of Asia Today published an article on Nuvo (http://www.asiatoday.co.kr/view.php?key=20190412010008637#_enliple). With many Asian countries poised to benefit from the capabilities of the Nuvo blockchain network, this media attention reflects international interest in the Nuvo blockchain network, even in its early stages.

The NUVO token crowdsale may be accessed on ProBit at https://www.probit.com/en-us/ieo/nuvo-round1/0.

More information about Nuvo can be seen on its main website at http://nuvo.cash.

Nuvo’s first network Jamaa can be accessed at http://jamaa.com. Signup is free and easy, and NUVO tokens can be earned from the beginning.

If you have any questions about Nuvo, feel free to visit its official Telegram discussion group at https://t.me/NUVOcash.


1 – https://money.cnn.com/gallery/technology/2016/05/23/banned-china-10/index.html
2 – hhttps://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/25/business/china-whatsapp-blocked.html
3 – https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/IT.NET.USER.ZS?locations=ER
4 – https://www.cam.ac.uk/research/features/internet-censorship-making-the-hidden-visible
5 – https://www.forbes.com/sites/nelsongranados/2016/06/30/how-facebook-biases-your-news-feed/#7bf2bfc21d51
6 – https://www.dw.com/en/internet-censorship-in-africa-threatens-democracy-economy/a-44956169
7 – https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/04/how-facebook-and-twitter-are-failing-african-users/

Digital Data Privacyon P2PS

The privacy of digital data on the network is the salient feature to P2PS secure, interference-free communications system developed by P2P Solutions Foundation.

The privacy of digital data on the global network finds a new competitor in the crypto universe. From the outset, the team of P2P Solutions Foundation points out a clear global problem; anything that is digitally exchanged with anyone, anywhere, is not protected by any privacy standard. Including information exchanged on corporate networks (private intranets). Right now the vast majority of Internet and Intranet activity is constantly monitored. At certain bottlenecks, the tracked information may be sensitive to the parties. In this way, new models are needed in which the activity is properly protected.

P2P Solutions Foundation presents a data management model that respects the privacy of all parties, including users seeking to store sensitive data or to exchange it with another entity or person. In most recent years, there have been several huge data breaches. In other words, giants such as Facebook or Coinbase have recognized problems in data management. Data that ends up in the hands of third parties without user’s knowledge. In some cases, they are intentional sales. Therefore, a reliable, committed and impartial infrastructure is needed.

The innovatively engineered ecosystem provides a secure platform whereby users can exchange confidential digital files or assets. This process is completed without any interference from third parties; not even a network or system administrator. So, P2PS is a peer-to-peer platform that protects data without compromising parties. Therefore, it facilitates confidentiality to users without advanced knowledge of cryptography. At the same time, it is not limited to one function. But it can also protect, for example, your medical records, banking information, and other sensitive digital assets, during the exchange between two parties. These platforms today are simply inexistent.

The foundations of the project are built on an Experienced group at the head.

This does not happen overnight, the ability to assert such solidity has its roots; an experienced group has focused on build a system for the people to exchange confidential and digital assets without third-party interference. Leading the project is Jameel A. Shariff (CEO and Board member); he is a third-generation entrepreneur and visionary, with advanced degrees from European and American educational institutions. Four years of U.S. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBM), and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Administration, also from the U.S. Both BSBM and MBA were awarded to Jameel with the highest honor and distinction of “Summa Cum Laude”.

On the board we find an experienced team with Ian Scarffe as business ambassador; Ian is a renowned leading expert in the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Top advisor #1 at ICObench. David Drake , founder and president of LDJCapital. Sydney Ifergan , an experienced Top Advisor #10 at ICObench as a member of the advisory board.  Ken Tachibana,  technical and Financial Specialist PLUS Advisor on the Advisory Board of P2P Solutions Foundation. These details are reasons of great weight, the team starts from a proven base, personalities with extensive careers, solvency, and commitment entrenched in the sector.

As a result, the P2P Solutions Foundation has received outstanding ratings from many of the leading crypto space review and evaluation sites. 5.0 in TrackICO, 4.9 in ICOBench and 4.31 in ICO Market Data. However, it is not only due to the solid team. The biggest concern of any CEO or CIO who runs a company with confidential digital transactions today is the high cost of data security. Today, cyber security breaches around the world have an enormous associated cost; it rises to hundreds of billions annually. Let’s get into the details of the platform.

Transaction confidentiality and stakeholder privacy as a global challenge.

The privacy of digital data is an approach with an upward trend; the concern at digital communities is proven. That’s why we consider the P2P Solutions Foundation perspective especially interesting. The fact of offering an ecosystem in which to safeguard information is needed for all kinds of people. Journalists who need to save their person or sources, governments with little infrastructure in cybersecurity and digital data management… the use cases run into thousands. Although diversity and healthy competition are necessary, this new competitor joins the existing choices of security but has positioned itself uniquely from the privacy angle.

With a solid pre-existing infrastructure, P2PS begins its journey in cryptospace. It’s the essence of operating digitally without a 3rd party or even an administrator; users get a platform where all interactions and transactions are completely safe, fast and confidential. One detail to consider is the alternative proposed to traditional centralized models. This includes a wide range of potential users ranging from lawyers to multinational companies in traditional industry sectors. Secure digitization has come from P2P Solutions. The corporative world includes billions of user accounts in a total sum of sensitive data collected.

This means an infinite number of attack vectors to privacy and confidentiality. For this reason, simple and consistent models are needed in a global economy. P2PS transfers the power of the most professional encryption to a simple user interface. Providing a fully operational platform from the first day. Once the management of confidential data is secured, the user must ensure that it is stored securely; another strength of P2PS. The platform doesn’t host a whole bunch of extravagant or unnecessary features, it’s about privacy and the responsible team prides itself in being extremely good at it. Recent cases of hacking and data breaches attest to the fundamental importance of a safe software and ecosystem. Both call for such characteristics and boost the estimated potential value of the P2PS token.

ICO and P2PS token details

The P2PS token has been designed under the Ethereum network compatible standard. This significantly facilitates the token’s interoperability. It is also compatible with a huge range of developments based on the Ethereum network (like exchanges or dApps). After purchasing the P2PS tokens, the user in question can deposit them in a wallet compatible with standard ERC20 tokens. Including obviously the most adopted by the community such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, Imtoken, and so on.

The ICO event of the P2PS token takes place gradually until the hard cap is achieved. During the ICO process (already active) and its phases, the maximum collection (hard cap) is 136,000 Eth; or approximately $50 million at an average of $370 for each Ether. Considering the tokens that are given as a bonus to an average of 20% from the 50 million P2PS tokens. The Soft Cap is equivalent to $750000 (read the Pre-ICO & ICO  FAQ section on the web).

Use cases guaranteed from the first moment with the great commitment of the sponsors.

As is well indicated in the documentation, the market study before the launch of the ICO suggests a positive framework. The diversified focus on three kinds of audiences generates synergies, fuelling the demand of tokens. The traditional audiences of the blockchain sector, traditional institutions seeking to digitize their systems with high technology and e-commerce places. P2PS must increase its value due to various traders, service providers and markets in countries around the world that adopt the P2PS ecosystem. Largely due to its multilingual interface, fast, easy to use & intuitive to user behavior. This means comfort, ease of use, safety, confidentiality… and many other useful features.

Many of the features mentioned are essential for the next wave of global adoption. The ISI Group Consortium is appreciated as a sponsor on the website and documentation. ISI Group is composed of multinational corporations involved in unique and innovative solutions. This is very useful for governments, education, banking, telecoms, IT, IoT and other industries. Digital file management requires first-rate infrastructure at all scales, seriousness and first level commitment. The funds raised during the token sale period (pre-ICO & ICO phases) will be used according to the described plan, which will also increase the value of P2PS.

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