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Telegram update-Profile Videos, 2 GB File Sharing, Group Stats and More

Introducing Profile Videos, Improved People Nearby, 2 GB File Sharing and More

Today’s update brings Profile Videos along with improved People Nearby features, unlimited file sharing with up to 2 Gigabytes per file, mini-thumbnails for your chat list and notifications, group stats, and much more.

Profile Videos

You can now upload a video to your profile – and choose any frame you like for your static profile picture in chats. Capture yourself in action, or wink and wave at people like you’re in a magical picture from Harry Potter.

Same as with any videos you upload, our media editor will help you enhance quality – or decorate yourself with animated stickers.

As your mood changes, you can quickly switch back to a previous profile photo or video by tapping ‘Set as Main’. Great for rewinding time and staying young forever.

Soften Skin

Speaking of the media editor, any photo or video you take with the front-facing camera now has a soften skin option in the media editor. But you don’t need it to look fabulous, you already are fabulous.

Improved People Nearby

Profile videos make meeting new people a dozen times more interesting, and we’ve beefed up the People Nearby section for the occasion.

When people contact you via the People Nearby section, you will see how far away they are. And when you start a chat with someone nearby, Telegram will suggest a greeting sticker to break the ice. Luckily, all our stickers are extroverts.

Improved People Nearby

Now that people are carefully emerging into this brave new world, it’s time to make friends and repopulate the earth compare your sticker collections. Head over to Contacts > Find People Nearby and try tapping on ’Make myself visible’.


Ever wondered whether the incoming picture is just another meme or that selfie you’ve been waiting for? Get an idea of what media is in a message right away thanks to the new chat list thumbnails.

Mini-thumbnails in the chat list

The new thumbnails also appear in notifications and message search results. Never lose a cat photo again.

Speaking of previews, you can hold on a profile picture in the chat list to preview messages without opening the chat. This feature is from 2018, but we had a dream in which a talking squid told us to mention it here.

Filter New Chats from Non-Contacts

Thanks to People Nearby and groups with up to 200,000 members, you can always find someone to chat with. Public figures sometimes have the opposite problem and may wish to tone down the attention they receive — we’ve got this covered too.

If you’re getting too many messages from non-contacts, try the new switch in Privacy & Security settings to automatically archive and mute new chats from people not in your contacts. You can access these chats anytime from the Archive folder and bring them back to the main chat list in a tap.

Group Stats

Owners of large groups with over 500 members can now view beautiful, detailed graphs about their activity and growth. Group stats also show a list of top members by number of messages and average message length.

By the way, the minimum number of subscribers to get Channel Stats has been reduced to 500 as well. 🎉 We’re planning to roll out access to group stats for admins of all groups with 100 members or more in the near future.

Android Extras

On Android, the music player has been redesigned with sleek new icons and an expandable track list. Tap the button on the left to control looping, shuffling and to reverse the track order so your playlist can moonwalk with you.

The message input bar will grow smoothly as you type a long message. And the video editor now allows cropping and rotating videos – to help you hide any evidence you were filming vertically.

Multiple Accounts on Telegram Desktop

Telegram lets you stay signed in on 3 accounts from different phone numbers without logging out. Our mobile users have been enjoying this feature since 2017, and today it’s coming to the multi-platform Telegram Desktop.

As always, this doesn’t require an active connection to your phone – all our apps are completely self-sufficient.

More Animated Emoji

Our animated emoji army keeps growing (note to self: build a bigger barracks). To get one of these 👇 in a chat, simply send a message with a single emoji – and watch it jump to life.

Be careful, one of them bites. And we’re not allowed to tell you which one.

If you’re looking for something more interactive, try sending a single ⚽️ in any chat to see if you score a goal:

And One More Thing

Since 2014, Telegram users have been sharing files up to 1,5 GB each, which happens to be 93 times larger than 16 MB (which is a totally random number, we have no idea what it could possibly mean).

From now on, you can send unlimited numbers of media and files of any kind – up to 2 GB each.

And that‘s it for today. We’re now in the middle of the year — with eight major updates behind us and long-awaited features just around the corner. Stay tuned!

July 26, 2020
The Telegram Team

Get Paid in BAT for Viewing Ads with Brave Browser

Brave’s promise to pay you for viewing online ads is coming.

In a different way from typical ads displaying on sites, brave browser is launching small notifications. The notifications have promotional offers from many brands.

It’s important to note for users, the Brave Rewards product is opt-in.

CEO Brendan Eich said :

“This is what we’re excited about because it doesn’t require publisher opt-in. The main model for us is advertiser-to-user.”

The user will be taken to a website with informations about the offer, if he clicks on notification. Eich explained

Users can still keep using Brave without any kind of ad intervention. Now users have an incentive to join. Brave promises that 70 percent of the money companies spend on these ads will go to users (the rest is kept by Brave). The funds will be paid out to users’ wallets via Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT).

“Brave is changing the paradigm of digital advertising where consumers are fairly rewarded for their attention.” Lin Dai, CEO of TAP Network, said in a statement. TAP brings over 250,000 partner merchants and brands to the new platform, according to Brave.

Brave Ads goes live today with a number of ad inventory suppliers, including Vice, Home Chef, ConsenSys, Ternio BlockCard, MyCrypto, eToro, BuySellAds, TAP Network, The Giving Block, AirSwap, Fluidity and Uphold.

A screenshot shows the ad notification at bottom right. (Image courtesy of Brave)

Traditional online advertising works by monitoring web users’ behavior, reporting that to the cloud and picking ads to serve them based on that data.

“We turn tracking on its head,” Eich said.

A catalog of potential ads is served to the browser as a very light file and the browser, locally, follows user behavior and picks ads to show based on that. Crucially, the Brave browser never reports out data on user behavior.

“It’s a private ad system that doesn’t involve tracking on the front side,” Eich said. “It can pick ads that are specific to you based on your browser data.”

Get BAT Payments

To start earning BAT for letting these notifications pop up, you must use the latest version of Brave.

Brave’s BAT offering was the original sold-out-in-seconds initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017, selling $35 million in BAT less than a minute. Like most ICOs of that era, there was a gap between distributions and the real-world usefulness of tokens.

Brave first gave users a way to use BAT by letting them donate funds to websites based on how often they visited them (the program actually began with bitcoin).

The new ads feature is actually an extension of the existing donation product. When Brave Ads kicks in, it will default to accumulating BAT for redistribution to publishers in the same fashion, unless the user changes the defaults.

Though the Brave browser blocks ads and trackers by default, Eich argues that this new product will start feeding funds out to its 55,000 verified publishers because he expects most users who opt-in will leave the defaults on, as most web users do.

“I think users are going to let it ride,” he said.

Later, the company hopes to integrate tracker-less ads on websites and offer publishers a simple micropayment solution so users could pay for an individual post rather than subscribing.

The project has been slowly starting to gain traction with major name-brand news sites.

When withdraw

Users can earn, but spending is going to take a little longer.

Eich said:

“If our users started taking BAT out on their own initiative, we would be defrauded overnight massively,” Eich .

The reason for the delay: the company is still working to build up its know-your-customer (KYC) solution. For now, you can only support publishers with earned BAT . Users should be able to buy premium content and maybe specific products from vendors with BAT soon, Eich said.

Once KYC is in place, that should be enough of a hurdle to decrease fraud risk sufficiently, he added.

Further, Brave is working with its settlement partners, such as Uphold and Coinbase, so that when users can withdraw, they can withdraw to fiat if they prefer.

Eich said in a statement:

“With Brave Ads, we are launching a digital ad platform that is the first to protect users’ data rights and to reward them for their attention.”

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Bank of America’s tech chief, Cathy Bessant, is skeptical on blockchain patents.

Bank of America  received or applied for 82 patents for the blockchain technology, the most by financial institutions.

Bessant said that she has the most reservations about public blockchains. However, BofA’s patents could allow the bank to plug into blockchain if the need arises going forward. She added that private blockchains could potentially enable banks offer better services in the future and to cut costs.

Some players  are rejecting some of their blockchain plans, trying to find substantial value when compared to existing methods.

Others  have showed use cases for blockchain, but scalability questions still remain. JPMorgan plans to launch  JPM Coin for its payments business. HSBC said it settled $250 billion in 2018 in forex trades over blockchain and that it wants to make the platform available to its clients . However, have to prove they can scale.

Recentely, Citibank announced it’s leaving plans to launch its own coin. It would generate greater value by focusing on improvements to current payment ecosystems, like SWIFT.

Blockchain is still a technology in first steps and funding continues to flow into the technology. FIs are searching on more certain opportunities.

Money continues to flow into the technology, so there are hopes for more significant results in the future.

According to Greenwich Associates, Financial services firms are spending around $1.7 billion per year on the technology. Cited by CNBC: In 2018 VCs invested $5.4 billion in blockchain startups.

There are some promising applications of the technology. Trade finance, is well suited for blockchain disruption. Bringing benefits such as, transparency, real-time review, reduced processing times, etc. Citibank, after abandoning its crypto plans, announced, it will continue to experiment with blockchain in trade finance. I additional, many large banks belong to trade finance blockchain consortia, such as BNP Paribas, NatWest, Standard Chartered, ING, etc.

FIs should try to narrow their focus. Blockchain is still continuing investigation into its potential benefits. However, FIs’ approach to blockchain adoption and innovation is driven by the problems they are looking to solve.