Tip Twitter Users with Cryptocurrency using Brave Browser


Using the open source Brave Browser now you can tip your favorite Twitter users with cryptocurrency.

Brave add new feature for users, now they can send digital tokens as a tip to twitter users.

It includes “experimental features” and is build is the latest beta version of the Brave Browser. The browser might not be stable and it could contain bugs that result in data loss.

Visiting Twitter in the Brave browser, will appear a tip icon alongside the usual comment, like, and retweet features. This allows users of the Brave Browser to send BAT token to the content creator.

Brave Browser created its tip function last year using tip banners to let users donate to their favorite creators. However, that wasn’t exactly what was happening.

brave bat

A British YouTuber, took issue with the concept when his image was used alongside a welcome message encouraging viewers to send BAT tips despite having never even heard of Brave. As it turned out, Brave was collecting tips on behalf of creators that had nothing to do with the platform.

It seems Brave has modified the process since then.

If an unverified twitter user is tipped with BAT, the tip will be held in the tipper’s browser for 90 days until the creator sets up and verifies a Brave account.

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